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Privacy Policy

This Privacy policy covers collectiing, processing and using personal data obtained by the online store, carried by (hereinafter reffered to as website), leading by Paulina Galińska Beli Company, located in Lodz, 91/93 14A Gdańska , Łódź voivodeship (hereinafter reffered to as online store). The online store endeavours to respect an individual's privacy and protect the given personal information when using the website and shopping on-line as well as establishing any necessary arrangements for this.

What data do we collect when using the website?

The online shop does not gather any data automatically except the cookie files, during usage the website. Cookies are small text files sent by the websites you visit and stored on your computer which contains some information from the website and online shop. Cookies are used by the online shop in order to provide services for the websites and make it possible to make interesting information available during the shopping procedure by recognizing your purchase.

Cookies used by the online shop may be permament or temporary. Temporary cookies are deleted while closing the website, and permanent cookies are stored even after stop using services provided by the websites, and they are used to store important information such as your pasword or login which make usage of the website much easier. In some cases you can block cookies installation or delete temporal cookies using appriopriate functions of your Internet browser. In case of any problems we encaurage to use help file of the Internet browser or contact the producer of the Internet search engine. Next to the cookie files the online shop may also collect the data gathered by the Internet system administrators as the part of so-called system logs and event log books. The information contained in logs may include IP adress of the computer, computer platform type and Internet browser, Internet Service Provider and website adress. Some of subpages, so-called webpages, and other means of communication may include so-called 'web beacons'. Web beacons let you know IP address, URL number which has loaded the website, browser, as well as the information located in cookies in order to estimate our advertisment effectiveness. Such data are archived and used for statistical analyses, and to evaluate the traffic on the website. This data will not be linked with your personal data.


What type of data does the online shop gathered during the registration and shopping?

In case of purchase the online shop gathers the following personal data:
1) Name and surname;
2) permament address registration;
3) temporary domicile;
4) e-mail;
5) phone number.

Providing such data is voluntary and your confirmation is needed. It is necessary noly for mentioned purposes. We emphasise that you are not obliged to present this data if you want to use the options presented above.
Every person has the right to access his or her data and correct them. To fulfill this requirement you should use you account or contact, phone number 604 944 554. Providing such information is voluntary, however, it is obligatory to make a purchase or register on the website.

Internet shop marketing

The given e-mail address will be used for marketing puropses of products if you declare the will of receiving newsletter.

Sharing information

In case of performance the contract the online shop may s hare your data to the following entities: partners' details including delivery companies, operators of peyment systems, the companies delaing with the compain etc. In such cases, the amount of provided information is limited to minimum. You may remove your consent by sending the information to
Moreover, the information given may be shared with the public organization bodies if the binding legal provisions require it.
Personal data may be transferred to PayLane Sp. z.o.o based in Gdańsk, 6/A3 Arkońska Street, postcode 80-387, Company registration number (KRS): 0000227278,
to the extent necessary to payment service.

How to use the vesting rights?


You hold right to have an insight and to edit your data on the Website by using your e-mail

address and password. If you forget the password or have any logging problems then contact us at
Every user has the right to request the information stored relating to his or her person as well the right to demand the modifications, block or delete data and the right to correct the mistakes, fulfill or update your data, then contact us at
You can also make amendments in the case of any errors, extend, and update your data.


If you would like to find out about the information that we have stored about you, please send an email to

Questions and objections

Questions and objections concerning this Private policy may be send to