Thick tights

Thick tights

Keep warm with a pair of thick tights. A super comfy ensure a sexy shape and slim silhouette.

We stock all kinds of styles and fabrics. We’ve hand-picked a range of thick tights in classic hosiery colours. Hidden seams and an elastic waistband complete the ultimate versatile pants.

The thick tights are a must have basis for any wardrobe.

Browse our huge selection and feel free to place an order online! Choose from a variety of deniers and colours to pick the perfect pair for you!

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Veneziana Juliette 80
AUD $17.52AUD $18.45
Veneziana Lana Soft 100 den
Veneziana Lana Soft is elegant opaque and matte tights, 100 den. With high quality cotton with wool tights are incredibly warm and soft to the touch. With flat seams and invisible panty part. Perfect for cold winter days. ..
AUD $23.24AUD $24.46
Veneziana Linda 90
AUD $13.14AUD $13.83
Veneziana Negrita 80 den
AUD $14.16AUD $14.91
Veneziana Oriana 70 den
AUD $16.70AUD $17.58
Veneziana Otto 60 den
AUD $12.96AUD $13.65
Veneziana Prisma
AUD $13.07AUD $13.76
Veneziana Relax Micro 100 den
AUD $15.98AUD $16.82
Veneziana Soft Cashmire 100 den
AUD $28.32AUD $29.81
Veneziana Soft Silk 180 den
AUD $21.06AUD $22.17
Veneziana Termico 300 den
AUD $15.98AUD $16.82
Veneziana Virginia 60 den
AUD $11.48AUD $12.08
Gabriella Arctic Collant 500 den
Gabriella Arctic Collant is unique tights on cold days - covering. Model very comfortable made of microfiber, padded fleece on the inside, top quality finishes . Thickness: 500 den.   Composition: 90% Poliester 10% Elastan ..
AUD $10.60AUD $11.16
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Mona-Tespol Velur 100 den Micro 3D
Mona-Tespol Velur 100 den Micro 3D is woman tights 100 den made of microfibre 3D, flat seam with cotton gusset. Covering, elastic, without top, they guarantee comfort of usage and they adhere perfectly to body.   Composition: 97% Polyamid 3% Elasthan ..
AUD $8.84AUD $9.31
Gabriella Push-up 3D 100 den
Gabriella Push-up 3D is modeling and slimming tights with a special part uplifting buttocks, pressing hips and abdomen part. Opaque and silky, produced with elastic yarn Lycra 3D.   Composition: 85% Poliamid 15% Elastane ..
AUD $10.92AUD $11.50
Gabriella Petis
Gabriella Petis  is patterned, exclusive, microfibre tights with addidtion of Lycra fibres. Pepits pattern - most fashionable in autumn-winter season! Flat seam, cotton gusset, reinforced toes. Made from the highest quality fabrics to keep you comfortable while wearing it.   Composition: 85% Poliamid 15% Elastane ..
AUD $8.79AUD $9.25
Fiore DITA 60 den
Fiore DITA is incredibly flexible, smooth, opaque microfiber tights, made in 3D structure of the highest quality yarns. Flat seams for increased comfort of wearing, without clearly marked panty portion and with invisibly reinforced toes. Composition: 90% Polyamide 9% Elastane 1% Cotton (small gusset) ..
AUD $8.91AUD $9.38
Fiore Gillian 60 den
Fiore Gillian is fashion tights highest quality. Invisibly reinforced toe portion and waist with comfortable flat seams. Elastane yarn for improved durability. Perfect to finish off any stylish ensemble. ..
AUD $11.26AUD $11.85
Fiore Michelle 60 den
Fiore Michelle is fashionable opaque tights made of the highest quality material, with a thickness of 60 den. Ideal to wear every day. ..
AUD $7.14AUD $7.52
Fiore Olga 100 den
Fiore Olga is opaque microfiber tights. Incredibly soft, warm and comfortable. Perfect for cold winter days. Composition: 86% Nylon, 14% Spandex ..
AUD $7.31AUD $7.70