Autumn tights

Autumn tights
Autumn tights perfect for chilly, rainy autumn days. Properly selected will add flavor, charm and elegance of our styling.
In our shop are available plain, patterned and colored tights. Surely something can also be found. 
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Fiore Onella 40 den
Fiore Onella is semi-opaque, highly fashionable patterned tights. Top-quality, sheer-to-waist, with comfortable flat seams. Invisibly reinforced toe portion and single-covered elastane yarn for improved durability. Fibre content: 89% Polyamide, 10% Elastane, 1% Cotton (small gusset)   ..
AUD $6.71AUD $7.90
Fiore Oprah 30 den
AUD $8.61AUD $10.13
Fiore Oriana 40 den
Fiore Oriana is semi-opaque, highly fashionable microfibre tights with a metallic pattern and invisibly reinforced toe portion. Fibre content: 84% Polyamide, 11,5% Elastane, 2% Polypropylene, 1,5% Metallic yarn, 1% Cotton (small gusset)     ..
AUD $7.13AUD $8.39
Fiore Ostia 40 den
AUD $10.21AUD $12.01
Fiore Oui 40 den
AUD $9.10AUD $10.71
Fiore Palazzo 40 den
AUD $10.21AUD $12.01
Fiore Paris 30 den
AUD $9.10AUD $10.71
Fiore Pearl 40 den
Pearl 40 den is the newest proposal of Fiore. Matte, semi-opaque and plain tights with decorative panty area made of lace and a silver thread. Fiore Pearl is a perfect choice for wedding.     Model Pearl 40 den to najnowsza propozycja marki Fiore. Rajstopy są gładkie, matowe i półkryjące. Posiadają piękną ozdobną część majteczkową w postaci białej koronki ze srebną nitką. Model Fiore Pearl doskonale będzie współgrał z wymarzoną suknią ślubną lub z niej obowiązującą stylizacją. ..
AUD $31.17AUD $36.67
Fiore Piega 40 den
AUD $11.06AUD $13.02
Fiore PRESS UP 40 den
AUD $7.98AUD $9.39
Fiore Press Up 60 den
AUD $8.28AUD $9.74
Fiore Press-up 60 den
Fiore Press-up is tights 60 den with slimming effect. Correct hips line and uplift your bottom. Invisibly reinforced toe and panties part ensure product durability.   ..
AUD $8.32AUD $9.79
Fiore Rapide 40 den
AUD $10.20AUD $12.00
Fiore Rebel 40 den
AUD $8.46AUD $9.96
Fiore Renila 60 den
Fiore Renila is exclusive tights with geometric pattern imitating stockings, made in 3D-Pattern technology from the highest quality yarns. ..
AUD $8.89AUD $10.46
Fiore Retro Chic 60 den
AUD $10.18AUD $11.97
Fiore Rocket 40 den
Patterned and semi-opaque tights made of the highest quality microfiber in 40 den with non-marked panty area. Cotton gusset in sizes 3 and 4. Tights with unvisible reinforced toe, made of Lycra. The pattern imitates stockings finished with metallic stripes.        ..
AUD $8.71AUD $10.25
Fiore Rockstar 30 den
AUD $11.85AUD $13.94
Fiore Rosetto 40 den
AUD $8.62AUD $10.14
Fiore Roxanne 40 den
AUD $8.00AUD $9.41