Patterned tights

Patterned tights

Get a little crazy with your hosiery and try some patterned and printed tights. Patterned tights are the best way to jazz your legs up and show your personality off!

Express your personality with a pair of completely different tights. You will definitely stand out from your unique choice of hosiery! Even if you have never before strayed from basic black tights or sheer hosiery, these tights make you want to explore a new way of dressing your legs entirely.
We offer a large variety of patterns and prints from leading hosiery brands, all appealing to your unique sense of style - patterned tights are the quickest, easiest and most affordable way to update your look all the time.

Patterned and printed tights are also great for the night life to look flirty and fun. Whether it is spotty tights or striped tights, patterned tights can spruce any outfit up in order to bring dress, skirt or top out. Different prints can be worn on different occasions...

Browse our huge selection and feel free to place an order online! Choose from a variety of deniers and colours to pick the perfect pair for you!


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Fiore Sativa 40 den
Fiore Sativa is original patterned tights. The model is made of high quality microfiber, so perfectly adhere to feet. Tights Sativa are with the latest collection autumn-winter 2015/2016 by Fiore. Shiny pattern will be a unique addition to your styling. Tights have flat seams and invisibly reinforced toes. Choosing the black color, You order model Sativa in color as in the picture. ..
AUD $9.15AUD $10.76
Fiore Secret 20 den
AUD $6.07AUD $7.14
Fiore Secret Garden 40 den
AUD $8.46AUD $9.96
Fiore Segnorina 40 den
AUD $10.21AUD $12.01
Fiore Semi-Sweet 20 den
AUD $8.39AUD $9.87
Fiore Sentira 40 den
Fiore Sentirias is patterned microfiber tights 40 den. The pattern mimics the combination of leggings with knee-socks in dots. Invisibly reinforced toe portion unchecked waist, comfortable flat seams and covered elastane yarn for improved durability. ..
AUD $6.97AUD $8.19
Fiore September 60 den
Fiore September is new arrival from Autumn 2016/2017 collection. Patterned and opaque tights with extra reinforced panty and toe area. Cotton gusset in sizes 3 and 4. Tights producted of covered yarn in 3D technology. The pattern characterises with sateen gloss imitating fishnet stockings. ..
AUD $10.32AUD $12.14
Fiore SHAYA 20 den
AUD $9.23AUD $10.86
Fiore Simonetta 30 den
AUD $8.61AUD $10.13
Fiore Simple 20 den
AUD $6.07AUD $7.14
Fiore Sin 20 den
Patterned tights Fiore Sin with a back seam that lengthen the silhouette. Transparent and matte tights with unvisible reinforced toe area and unmarked panty area. Tights finished with decorative pattern on the heel. When ordering tights in linien color you get the same tights presented on the photo.     ..
AUD $7.19AUD $8.46
Fiore Sincere 60 den
AUD $10.76AUD $12.66
Fiore Sindy 40 den
Fiore Sindy is a very feminine patterned tights in a beautiful floral pattern. The model Sindy is with the latest collection autumn-winter 2015/2016 by Fiore. Tights are matte, have flat seams and invisibly reinforced toes. ..
AUD $7.13AUD $8.39
Fiore Sinead 60 den
Fiore Sinead is beautiful patterned tights 60 den. The model is made of high quality microfiber. Tights are with the latest collection autumn-winter 2015/2016 by Fiore. Original pattern imitation of overknees will be an excellent addition to your styling. Tights are matte, semi-opaque, have flat seams and invisibly reinforced toes. ..
AUD $9.15AUD $10.76
Fiore Single 40 den
AUD $9.10AUD $10.71
Fiore sissy 40 den
Fiore Sissy is Children tights in 40 den, with flowered pattern and satin shine. Tights are made in the braid technology, which enhances the quality and durability. ..
AUD $5.21AUD $6.12
Fiore Sky 20 den
AUD $7.53AUD $8.86
Fiore Smile 40 den
AUD $9.10AUD $10.71
Fiore SOBELLA 20 den
Fiore Sobella is trendy patterned tights 20 den. Tights are matte, with invisibly reinforced toes, with comfortable flat seams. The seam is in the same color as tights. Perfect for special occasions. ..
AUD $6.37AUD $7.50
Fiore Soda 20 den
AUD $6.10AUD $7.18